How to preserve italics in paste/match style?

When I copy and paste text from a LibreOffice or Google Docs document and use the control + shift + V paste and match style option, it gets rid of any italics.

This is really annoying, because I use them a lot for emphasis in what I write. Isn’t there any way to preserve them?

You can paste without matching style, and then go to Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style…
Tick the “Convert Font Only” checkbox and you’ll get what you are after.

This is a great tip for pasting text into Scrivener, and will save me a lot of time – but I’m having the same problem copying and pasting stuff outward from Scrivener into a standard word processor: The italics, bold, and underline are lost.

This is a huge, glaring, teeth-grinding problem.

I’m using 1.9.7 for Windows, haven’t updated to 1.9.8. If it’s fixed in 1.9.8, I do hope someone will tell me.

I’m using v. 1.9.9, and it’s working right for me. I copied a short bit of text with italics, bold, underlining, and strikethrough and then pasted into WordPad, MS Word, and Nota Bene. The formatting came through correctly in each of them. It seems that the text copies from Scrivener onto the clipboard in RTF format. What word processor are you having a problem with?