How to prevent extra lines in Compile Screenplay...

Hello everyone,

First let me say I’m a newbie - I’ve only used Scrivener (1.54) for several months and I am using it for a screenwriting class, and now for Script Frenzy. One of the behaviors that I haven’t figured out how to turn off is the addition of extra lines at the end of some scenes when I use Compile Screenplay mode and send to PDF. I was told by my screenwriting teacher to save space because of the tight page count limit for ‘acceptable screenplays’. These extra lines are driving me nuts :slight_smile: I did not turn on page break or any other option like that.

Can someone tell me or guide me to a thread that has this help. My initial search came up with a lot of hits, but no solution to my problem. I really don’t want to compile to DOCX and delete the lines manually every time I create a new draft, also because DOCX doesn’t really preserve my dialog block margins.

Thanks again, I enjoy the program and look forward to the mystical 2.0 release.



First, have you tried the obvious - that is, ensuring that there are no extra blank lines at the ends of your Scrivener documents themselves? i.e. Have you checked that Scrivener is definitely adding these blank lines during Compile Draft and that they aren’t already present?

Second, in the “Text Options” pane of the Compile Draft sheet, check your settings. There is a section of that pane where you can choose whether text documents are separated by a single return (no empty line), double return (an empty line) or a custom separator. It may just be that you need to change that setting.

Hope that helps.

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It was the blank lines at the end of the scene. Thank you for your quick response.

PS: It would be nice to have some kind of end of page indicator in the future.