how to prevent hyphen splits when compiling as ebook

Hello there, I just started using this software and like it a lot, I am in the process of publishing my first ebook but cant figure out how to prevent the frequent hyphen brake ups after compiling into the pub format. Any help would be appreciated.


There’s no setting for hyphenation for e-books, because e-books just use HTML internally which, to the best of my knowledge (someone please correct me if I’m wrong), doesn’t support hyphenation by default. So it sounds as though this may be your e-book software causing the hyphenation. Which e-book software are you running it on? Do other books on the same platform appear hyphenated?

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thanks for the reply, I am using Scrivener to write in and then compile it as e-book. I am running Mac OS X on a MacBook Pro and then transferring the compiled file into my itunes library to to get it on my iPad2. On there I am proof reading with iBooks. In any case I am puzzled as it did this even with a little test document I created.

Hyphenation in text allows printers to create perfect left and right-flush margins, like a rectangle of text. Word processors simulate that effect fairly well, but e-books do not. Add to that problem the fact that e-book readers may grow or shrink fonts as they wish, and you are not going to get perfect right margins or hyphenation. If your e-text is readable, mostly right flush, and doesn’t have odd gaps after hyphens, you’re doing fairly well with today’s technology.

thanks for the input, I kinda figured its on the e-book format side as it looks perfect when I convert it into PDF. cheers

Given that e-readers do a poor job of hyphenation, if your e-book reader has the option, you are probably better off reading with the textflush left, ragged right (what some word processors call ‘left justified’) – like the text on this forum, and on most of the web.

I hit the same issue, and realized iBooks was enthusiastically inserting all the hyphens.
I got to settings->Ibooks and turn of the auto hyphenation
That fixed it for me.