How to print a *selection* of text within a larger document

Hiya, let’s say I have a single document containing 5000 words and I want to highlight a section of the 5,000 words and print just that. How do I do that without cut, copy, pasting into a new document?

Is it possible to highlight a chunk of text within one document and print the highlighted text?


In the Binder, select the parts you want to print. In Compile, the first pane Contents, simply choose Current Selection and not Draft (or Manuscript, or whatever the major text folder in the project is called) and set it up the way you want it formatted. Compile, and you are done. Then simply print the output.

As I understand it, the OP wants to print, not a number of documents in the Binder, but one or a few marked paragraphs in one single document. I don’t know a way to do that, except by copying the marked text, paste it into a separate document and then print that document. If there is a quicker way to achieve it, also I’d like to find that out.

Simply split the document(s) holding the paragraphs you want to print, so they become separate documents in the binder. You can have each paragraph as its own document if you want to and still work on it as one continuous text using scrivenings mode.

You can split the document and re-merge (or not) when done.

Probably the fastest, though, is to use the Print Current Document command, and pick the range of pages you want using the Print dialog. It’s inexact, but fine for most purposes.