Hello! I am new to Scrivener. I’ve uploaded my novel and divided content into notecards, each with a title and synopsis. I am now trying to PRINT the NOTECARDS with their titles and synopses ONLY but can’t! When I try to print from Corkboard, it prints the title and synopsis of the first card, but then prints the actual text. What do I do?

Here’s an example workflow:

synopsis / epigraph

I have windows but would look at compile as word or possibly text and output in outline or enumerated outline. Exact way may be different on Mac. Try with one or two chapters till get way you want

Meant compile output format

Thanks for your reply. I still don’t understand how this helps to print the notecards as they appear on screen in Corkboard view?

I have MacOS. I am to actually print real note cards to mimic what appears on screen in Corkboard view. It prints ONE notecard this way but all the rest it puts the entire text onto the card. I am so confused.

If you use the File ▸ Print command while the cursor is in a corkboard, it will print actual index cards, three per page, that you can chop up using a cutting board.

But if you’re looking to print what is essentially a picture of the corkboard (truncated synopses and titles and all), then printing screenshots is surely the easiest way to do that.

The File-Print command generates the problem that I am talking about. The first notecard displays the synopsis, but all the other cards print with full text.

Sorry, I can’t reproduce that without more information. I got the expected result with a mix of items that have Title, Synopsis, Title & Synopsis, neither and all four of those combinations with and without main text content.

Thanks for trying, Amber!