How to print "Project Notes"

Hi, is there some simple way how to print project notes?


Go to Project > Project Notes and then go to File > Print.

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sounds easy…but if I will go to Project > Project Notes it shows a window with notes but I can’t print it. If I select “File>Print current document” there are no Notes, but only name of a Chapter…that’s why I am asking… :slight_smile:
BTW: In “Project Notes” window there is a list of all notes and content is shown only for selected one…

I’m not sure what you mean by “name of a Chapter”, as there is no such formal construct in Scrivener, but you shouldn’t have a problem printing the contents of a project notepad with Cmd-P or File/Print Current Document.... Maybe you’re thinking of something other than what we are though. Are you trying to print out all of the project notes at once? If so there isn’t a way of doing that without copying and pasting everything into one spot.

I wonder if what’s happening is that the current print settings have the file name included in the header; that is taken from the selection in the binder even when printing the project notes. To fix this, choose File > Page Setup… and then choose “Scrivener” from the “Settings” drop-down menu. Click the “Options” button and then the “Text Documents” tab and deselect “Print file name/date”.

Even with the file name appearing, though, you should still be getting the text of project note. Make sure the focus is there when you choose File > Print.