How to Print the Binder?

Is there any way to print the Binder? Not the documents contained therein, just a text file with the various folder names maintaining folder hierarchy.

In the Compile window, select “Outline” in the Format As: drop-down.

If you need the entire binder rather than only the Draft folder, you can click into the binder and press Cmd-A to select all, then use Edit > Copy Special > Copy Documents as TOC and paste that into a new document. It will be just a list of all the binder items, indented according to hierarchy. Since it’s meant to be a table of contents, it will also have an underlined tab and a page number tag per item, but you can clear that up easily by opening the Find/Replace dialog (Cmd-F) and running a Replace All on the document to replace the tab <$p> with nothing. (To enter a tab character in the Find field, hold the Option key while typing the Tab.)