How to produce an eBook in Portrait format


I can find no way to create and compile an eBook in portrait (I do not want landscape).

Any suggestions, anyone, please?



Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think ebooks (epub and mobi, specifically) have an orientation. It just depends on the orientation of your device (vertical or horizontal), or the shape of the window if viewing it on a computer.

Thanks for the response.

I guess I may have to give up on this.

I have written a book for dog owners. I simply want to produce something than can be read - so far all I’ve managed after many. many hours of trying is something that results in a few words of large text on each page, section or chapters that are just hopeless.

I’ve even tried iBooks Author - same results.

Ho hum.


What format are you compiling to? And where/how do you check the result?

epub - look at in in eBooks on Mac.

A real mess.

epub doesn’t compile to a specific font or size, you control that in the epub reader. iBooks on the Mac can read epub, and you can change the size of the text in the reader.

Have you checked in the compile dialog that all of your content is included, that text or titles are ticked for the appropriate parts, etc?

From your description it sounds as if you only compile titles

Titles and text, including tables - which are spread everywhere :slight_smile:

Tables are a bit tricky in epub.

But for the first part of my question, it would be nice with a screenshot showing the Binder and the compile settings. Without that it is impossible to say what have happened.

And also, did you check the font size in your reader?

As for that part of your post, it’s not possible to control that if you make an epub book, like rdale wrote. epub and mobi are like text on a webpage. It flows and adapt to your device. So you can’t format a lot of tables in Scrivener and expect them to look exactly like that in epub.

OK, I’m beginning to get it (getting to old for this :smiley: ).

So, I get the changing size in the eBook when viewing.

Perhaps, this is a better question: is there a way of setting the format so it is presentable when first loaded for viewing, rather than letting the reader see a mess, before making viewing changes?



When I compile e-books, I use the ‘custom’ choice in the settings, and set it up the way I like it. There you have Formatting, where you can specify everything you like. Click on the level you want to format, click in the text box and then click on the Aa and you get to set font and size and everything.