how to properly use template?


Im attempting to write a script using the Comic Book template – I was wondering what is the ‘preferred’ way of using it?

Should I just duplicate the provided files and keep renaming them? ?

I was imagining that when a new template is used - the ADD button would have a few more file types showing up…so for instance a new blank page - with properly formatted for Panel or Page or etc? But as it is - while using this template I just get files in the binder and not new file types ( pages ) to add?


The rest has been fantastic…this app is very well thought out and functional - and it is geared at a creative mind. Hats off to the developer. :wink:



Your first guess is the right one. Keep the blank pages safe and to make new pages just duplicate the existing ones and work off of the duplicate. Scrivener templates are really just projects, and thus starting points. They do not represent any kind of fundamental change in the way Scrivener works (such as in how it makes new documents). You’ll probably find custom label and status set-ups, some ideas for document layout (that you in no way need to copy precisely), and some folder structure and so on. This makes it easy to design your own templates. You can just set up a project the way you like it, and then use the “Save as Template…” feature in the File menu.

ah i see…

well I guess the ‘feature request’ would be…can we get new template files as part of the ADD button - so we are not always copying and pasting from the originals? :wink:

I see you are in Portland! So am I.



This will in fact be in the next version of Scrivener. Not sure yet where on the roadmap that will be, but the ability to designate documents as “template files” and having them show up in the add menu will be a future feature, so need to waste time in the wish list forum. Until then, we have to duplicate everything.

We have Lots of people from Portland, here. Join the fray. :slight_smile:

Nice! I cant wait for that feature…but till then everything else is perfect with the app - I love how quickly I adpated to it from Final Draft. Good work!

Good to hear a bunch of Portlanders are here too…Makes me feel like Im writing from the right spot!

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