How to put my Scrivener project on another computer


I’m currently working on a project using Scrivener on my computer. I would like to continue working on the same project on my computer as well as adding it to my laptop. How can I do this please?


Do you mean to share a single Scrivener project between the two devices or move it from one to another?

To move you just copy the entire folder (confirm the path by looking at the top of the window when the project is open, if you don’t see the full path go to Tools>Options then under General check the box for “Show full project path in the title bar”) and re-open it on the new device.

If you mean to share between two devices then perhaps using a cloud service such as Google Drive or Dropbox for storing your Scrivener projects is the way to go. Both come with desktop apps which sync whatever is stored in their specific folder on your computer to their service and you can install the apps on as many machines/devices as you want and open from there.

(Of course you’ll need Scrivener on both devices to actually view the files but at least this way everything will stay in sync) … c-services

Thank you for your replies. I’m still struggling with this. I have scrivener on my computer and on my laptop. I don’t know how to get the files from my computer - all 25 chapters of my book - to dropbox and then sync them to my laptop account.

I have tried reading through both your replies and am sorry for my brainfreeze on this but it seems pretty longwinded to a non techy like me :blush:

Go to and sign up for an account, if you haven’t already. Once you’re logged on to, click on your name in the upper right corner, and choose “install” from the drop-down menu, following the instructions to install their software.

At the end of the installation, you should have a new dropbox folder. Quit Scrivener and move your .scriv folder into the Dropbox folder. Then, at the other computer, log on to and download the app and install it there too. Once the installation is done, the second computer will begin downloading the .scriv folder and all its contents; assuming that the first computer has finished, you’ll have two identical copies, one on each computer.

The software on each computer will monitor the Dropbox folder for new or changed files, uploading those changes to your account on It will also monitor your account and download changes that originated at any of your other computers with the software installed. Everything passes through in this way, like a friend caught between two other friends in an argument, where they speak to each other through the neutral third party.

Hope that helps.

Ok, I just put drop box on both computers. I registered Scrivener on Both computers. When you say move the .scriv file to the dropbox, what exactly do you mean? I can’t find any file. You can’t mean the icon itself…I’m very non-tech…

In Scrivener go to Tools>Options then ensure the option “Show full project path in the title bar” is checked.

Then open your Scrivener project and make a note of the path at the top of the window (just above the File/Edit/View menus), this will tell you where the Scrivener file is being stored. Close Scrivener down, navigate to that folder using Windows Explorer and copy/move the entire folder into the folder the Dropbox desktop client created when you installed it (usually it creates a shortcut for you under My Documents).

Do this for each Scrivener project. (Each one is stored in its own folder, just copy/move the entire folder into your Dropbox folder as everything that is in that folder will be synced to Dropbox and therefore available on any machine which connects to your Dropbox account). Just make sure not to open it in two places at once otherwise the sync will screw up.

Once they are all moved just open up Scrivener, click on OPEN EXISTING PROJECT and browse to your Dropbox folder then open it up.