How to Quickly Cross-Link in Scrivener

Hello all. I am a really new Scrivener user and would like to know if it is possible to quickly add a Scrivener link to one entry within another entry in a manner similar to applications used for creating wikis? I know it is possible to add Scrivener links, but it takes quite a few clicks to get there. Ideally, I am wondering if there is an option that allows me to type the title of an entry that will automatically create the link (e.g. if I want to link to a character’s page, I type “JaneDoe” and the link is created automatically).

Yes, Wiki-style links are possible. See Section 8.5.1 of the Scrivener manual. Put [[double square brackets]] around the text you want to link. Make sure the appropriate option is set in the Scrivener -> Preferences -> Corrections pane.


A few other tips:

  • The Edit/Complete Document Title (Ctrl-Esc) command works great in conjunction with the double-bracket option.
  • I often leave the synopsis finder (Edit/Find/Find Synopsis…) tool open because I can search by title and then Opt-drag the result into the text editor, creating a hyperlink back to the item, using its binder title for the link text. This can work better than title completion, when the title starts with a number of letters that are often used elsewhere, like “The…”.
  • You don’t need to use that specific panel, Opt-dragging works from nearly everywhere that an item can be dragged. For example you can easily link to a document that is otherwise listed in the item’s References pane.

Just to double-check - it seems at the moment that one can cross-link this way on Scrivener for Mac and have the links active in Scrivener for iOS, but if you create a new link using the same syntax on Scrivener for iOS it doesn’t work there or when you open the same project in the Mac – you need to delete the last ] and retype it for Scrivener for Mac to recognize the link. Am I missing something?

This feature is not available on iOS (nor Windows for that matter), and it isn’t a thing that scans all existing text at all times looking for double-bracket pairs, it only works when you yourself type in the brackets (otherwise people writing actual wiki content might find the feature frustrating or impossible to enable).

Typing them in on iOS hurts nothing however, and as you note getting the software to evaluate them is easy enough. So what you can do is create a little saved search collection that hunts for “]]”. When you get back home after a sync from mobile, just run through that collection with Cmd-G to jump from placeholder link to link, typing in “]]” yourself at the highlighted text to trigger the link creation process, then Cmd-G to move on to the next.