How to quickly return to my main writing item


I’ll be working in a binder item and then will go do something different like add a new research item or something. Is there a way to quickly return to my current main binder item where I’m working. Both the binder item and my last location in it?

Thanks all … James

Cmd-[ walks you back through previously visited documents. Once you’ve reached the one you want, cmd-opt-R will update the binder selection to reflect that document.


The editor pane has a Back button as well.

More elaborately, you can split the editor pane with the split button and use one side to go off to the other place, then use the (now) unsplit button on the side which still shows your main doc to return to state.

There are other ways and variants you can use depending what you are doing. Using a quick reference panel, for example.


And also as with any Web browser, you can right-click on the back button to get a list of all of the things you’ve been working on recently. That way you can jump straight back to where you were even if it is ten hops back.

Sorry, am at work and can’t check this out, but are you saying, Amber, that this back button will show NOT ONLY webpage history, but a history of events in apps, such as Scrivener, as well?

Just jumping in: Amber is not talking about the actual browser (e.g. Safari), but the back button in the Scrivener editor (View -> Editor Layout -> Show Header) which works in the same way as a back button in your browser: click once to jump back to the document last seen in the editor (no matter what type of document). Right click to get a list of all documents that were active in that editor. Forward button works likewise.

Hope that helps,



Thanks for clarification, Jo. Perhaps I read too hastily; it didn’t seem possible but Scrivener never ceases to surprise me with its capabilities, so I wasn’t sure.

I never underestimate Scrivener anymore.