How to re-order items within a collection?

Once I’ve added keywords to files/folders and saved a search on that keyword I can save that search to see only those items with the keyword. Wonderful! Problem is, how do I re-order the items that appear in a collection. The way you reorder items in the binder (Ctrl + up/down arrows) just crashes Scrivener. :frowning: Any help is appreciated,

This is a known bug. The way to get around this is to rearrange the files within a collection using a mouse.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the reply Stacey. I’ve tried doing that but it doesn’t work for me.

To help with troubleshooting: What happens when you try? The more detail you can give us the better as it will help us recreate your problem.

What version of Scriv for Windows are you using? The latest is 1.0.3, so I recommend updating to that if you haven’t already.

Hi Stacey.
I’m using 1.0.3 on 64 bit Windows 7. When I click on a file or folder within a collection and then attempt to drag it, all that happens is that the files/folders that I drag over also get highlighted/selected. Is there any other information you need?

I don’t think so. I’ve just tested this on my machine and I am not experiencing this issue when dragging files in collection you should see a blue line with a circle on the end as you move them.

How strange! Tried again and I just can’t do that.

I wonder if it is a 64 bit, or Win 7 issue? I use Vista 32 bit.

Maybe. Thanks for looking at this anyway, Stacey. :slight_smile:

Also does this happen in other projects as well, or just that one? If you have time try creating a new project.

Same behaviour in other projects.

Mac user here, so I may be out of court … but on the Mac, if you want to move something, often you have to hold down the mouse-key then wait a moment before starting to drag. I guess it gives the system time to recognise that you’re not doing a group highlight.

Would that work for you?


Are you trying to reorganise items in a saved search collection? Pardon if I missed a detail in the thread, but from the original post that is what it sounds like, and you can’t reorganised search results because they are very likely going to be changing on a regular basis. They will always appear in binder order. To place the contents of a saved search collection into a standard collection (which you can reorganise to your heart’s content), select them all and then click the + button to create a new collection using the selection. It’s a good trick for “freezing” a search result, too.

Amber/Ioa, you’re a Star*. That explains everything. Thank you. :slight_smile: