How to rearrange folders in Scrivener iOS

After enough time spent googling the subject, I figured out how to add a new folder, how to move that folder into the root project, and how to move files between folders. However, I have not discovered how to rearrange folders. For example, I use folders for chapters. I add a chapter that I want to be positioned between two others. I make a new folder, but it goes to the bottom of the folder list in the Binder. How can I move that folder up the list to the position I need it to be between say, chapter 5 and chapter 6 where it will become the new chapter 6?

Thank you.

This is done in standard iOS fashion. At the top of the Binder is an Edit button. Tap that. Your Binder stuff is now draggable. Tap Done when done.


P.S. If you select something in the Binder first and then add the new item, it will be created right below the currently selected item – rather than at the bottom of the Binder.

Update: Beaten to the punch …

  1. Tap Edit IMG_1349 copy.jpg

  2. Long press the three-line icon next to your desired folder, drag, release IMG_1347 copy.jpg

  3. Tap Done IMG_1348 copy.jpg

Thanks a million. I tried long pressing and dragging, etc., but not with the three lines. I’ve had my iPad for just a while and have not learned every trick with it yet. Your suggestions worked perfectly.

Another way to move folders/files in the iOS binder:

  1. Tap Edit
  2. Tap empty checkmark circle(s) to select folder/file row(s) you want to move
  3. Once selected, tap four-way arrow icon (bottom left of screen). A row of directional arrows will appear.
  4. Tap directional arrow to move folder(s)/file(s)
  5. Tap Done

Note: You can move multiple rows simultaneously in this manner, and they don’t have to be contiguous. Pretty wild.