How to recognize the citations from Scrivener in Pages?

Hello to everybody.

I have been using for a days Scrivener and I am very glad to use it. I am starting to write my thesis on Biology and Scrivener give me the option of design the content of my thesis. I develop the content on scrivener but I want to use Pages to give the “form” to the text. I want to use it to insert charts, images and other things.

But I am having some problems when I insert references in Scrivener, which format is something like this: {Brami-Cherrier, 2005 #73} (just droped from Endnote X2, that has fully integration with Pages’09).
I export the text from Scrivener in .doc format (is that correct? I should use another one?I have used .rtf with the same problem) and I open it on Pages without any problem (I have no tryed yet the footnotes) but I don’t know how do Pages’09 recognize the references and make authomatically the Bibliography, such as when I work directly on Pages.

There are any method to do that? I have been checkinh for a days on the forum but I have not found anything…

Hope somebody could help me because I would like to use Scrivener/Endnote/Pages to make, draft and get ready my project. thank you

Scrivener->Pages is not the best workflow for academic writing. It is possible, though requires a lot of messing around, to get footnotes from one to the other. The fault lies entirely with Apple on this one, as they’ve taken a rather close-minded approach to Pages. It can work well with Word files, but pretty much everything else has extremely minimal support. Scrivener produces a good RTF with footnotes, but Pages just doesn’t know what to do with it.

I’m not sure how to answer your problem with Endnotes because I’ve never used that, but to get footnotes across you’ll need to route Scrivener’s Doc or RTF file through either Microsoft Word or to produce a more standard Word Doc file.

Pages doesn’t recognize drag and drop endnote citations. You have to have endnote open, place the cursor where you want the citation in your text, then go to insert endnote citation and type in the name of the citation you want. Select the correct one then hit insert. This form of citation is the only one Pages will recognize and develope a bibliography for. It can also have problems formatting the bibliography. In which case just use the advice druid gave me: select all the refs in endnote with Cmd+A and go cmd+K to copy them with formatting then paste in the bibliography section of your document. That’s how I did it.