How to recover a project

I can’t find a project I wrote last year for the life of me. How can I recover it? I went to open projects and it ain’t there. I compiled it and finished the formatting on word. But, I can’t find it in Scrivener? Did I delete it? I don’t think so. Anyway, as John Lennon would say: “HELP!”

The best place to look for stuff on your computer is to use Spotlight. We even have a handy shortcut inside Scrivener for finding projects, it’s in the File menu under “Find All Projects in Spotlight”. Give that a few seconds to run in Finder and you should see stuff pop up. To be clear there isn’t anything “inside of” Scrivener. It’s not that kind of program (like Evernote or something). It’s more like Word where you open files with it. The .doc file might linger around in the recent files list for a while, but if that list loses track of it, then you have to go and get the file itself either using the Open command or double-clicking on it in Finder. Same exact thing here.