Hello. I’m using the Scrivener iPad app. When writing text, I find the cursor too distracting. For starters, it is very WIDE (perhaps 3 pixels). Is there a way to reduce the width? Or perhaps change the color to something less intense. Or slow/disable the blinking speed? We writers stare at our written words, either to find the next thing to write or to edit. The wide blue cursor steals my attention. I’ve seen some fixes for this, but nothing specifically for the iPad app. Thank you.

Or, at a minimum, is there a way to turn off the cursor from blinking nonstop? It’s so distracting to have this fat blue cursor blinking all the time. At least with Word, if you stop typing, after a few seconds, the cursor stops blinking, which makes it easier to re-read what you’ve just written. Please don’t tell me that I will have to write everything in Word and import it in to Scrivener just so I can avoid the Big Blue Cursor Blinking at me nonstop?

AFAIK, there is no way to control this via Scrivener, nor is there any way to control this via iOS except to make it more visible and obnoxious with Accessibility options.

I went through my stable of iOS text editing apps, and those which are produced by small software developers universally have Big Blue Blinking Cursors, except those that have implemented a Dark Mode. Some of those have Big Yellow Blinking Cursors. But mostly, still blue.

Looks like Word, Pages, Google Docs, or other software produced by a corporation big enough to afford re-inventing iOS’s text-handling support is your choice to avoid this.

Thank you for your reply, Silver Dragon. So if I want to use my iPad, I guess I will use Word to write/compose/edit and Scrivener to organize/rearrange chapters.

Or just accept the status quo.

I went back through the forums, and since release in July 2016, there have been exactly two other threads about iOS cursor appearance. The developer, KB, speaks to the issues of cursor appearance in this thread:


Personally, I don’t find the cursor irritating, I point out that you can simply tap “Done” at the top right of the editor, and both the cursor and the on-screen keyboard will disappear. You can then scroll through and read your text, then tap wherever you want to edit.


PS: You may want to post this as a request in the Wish List forum, or contact Scrivener iOS support directly via email. I’m just a user like you.