How to reduce the size of Scrivner templates?

I’ve created a scrivner document as a template – though it’s not saved as template via Scrivner. Rather, I’ve saved it as template that store in, and use through, DEVONthink Pro.

For some reason, that Scrivner template file is rather large – 2.6 MB. I’m wondering how I can look into that file to determine which parts are taking up so much space, so that I can slim it down (hopefully quite a bit!).

Also, as part of that data-slimming process, I’m wondering if there’s a way to create Scrivner template for folders or set of files, rather than as a whole project?


Check the project’s trash folder. You may need to empty that. But you can use the finder to open the “package contents” using the right-click menu on it, and then explore through the various folders until you find the offending files. Come back here to discuss if you can get rid of any of them.

FYI, Scrivener has a vocabulary that’s helpful to understand when discussing it’s feature. The “project” is the thing you create from a template, whereas a “document” is almost any entry in the Binder that you can click on, including folders, which can (mostly) be change to and from text “documents”.

So, your first questions were about Scrivener Project Templates.

Your question about folders and binder documents can be answered by researching “Document Templates”, which can allow you, within a project, to create starting points for documents and folders (including an entire hierarchy of nested folders & documents). Document templates are covered in the Interactive Tutorial project, available under the Help menu, or as one of the choices when you chose from the Scrivener Project Templates window (invoked from File->New Project or when you close all of your projects while Scrivener is still running). And of course, the manual will also cover them in detail.

Thank you for your helpful reply. It took me a little while to figure it out, but when I opened the “package contents” I found heaps of left over snapshot files and folders. Turns out, that was the source of all the bulk data – not anything left over in the Scrivner project trash.

Thanks also for alerting me about the “Document Templates”! That’s what I was seeking; I just didn’t know that was the term for what I wanted to do.

Anyway, thank you again for your help!