How to - Reffrencing Page Numbers


I have large manuscript where I have a couple of passages I would like to reffrence in a an additional appendix I am creating at the end of the manuscript. The reffrences I would like to put into my appendix would only contain a short phrase like:

  • John and Marry talking about the pink panther: P.75

The text “- John and Marry talking about the pink panther:” would be created manually by me. I would like Scrivener to give me the Correct Page Number for the corresponding text passage when I Compile the document. I guess I would need to put some kind of marker like on the text passage in order to reffrence this passage so that scrivener could write the corrct page Nr. into my appendix when I compile to PDF…but I have no Idea if it is possible and if yes, how to do it.

You’ve got the right idea, this is easy to do. Just type in “<$p>” where you wish the page number to appear, then select that placeholder tag and create a Scrivener Link to the item you wish it to reference. So your example line would be:

  • John and Marry talking about the pink panther: P.<$p>

With the last bit linked to the appendix item. These will be evaluated when you compile to PDF, and they also work with RTF, when using a word processor that can read RTF bookmarks (most can).

This is great ! Thank you, it works perfectly for refrencing whole documents. However I did not find a possibility to refrence a part of Text inside a document. I tried the manual, but it didnt tell me how to do it (or I did not undertand ist :wink: )

Is there a way to set a scrivener Link to a specific passage of text inside a document ? ( I use Scrivener 2.2)

No that’s not possible, the program is more geared toward sectional linking as there isn’t a good way of making a marker inside a text document. This isn’t usually a problem because sections = items in Scrivener (ideally, anyway). For scattered cases where that doesn’t work (try to use this feature to create an index, for instance), it’s better to establish the links in a word processor or dedicated tool for doing so.

Okay, thanks a lot, Ill do it like this then.

By the Way, I love the quick and helpfull responses in this Forum !