How to remove 'cf' in footnotes

I am writing in markdown, but have used Scrivener’s inspector footnotes. When compiling for Markdown using the “standard” format or the “Basic MultiMarkdown” format, the resulting text file show the footnotes like this:

[^cf23]: Heim. 40, 205; s. *Grötlicht* H, 498

that is, with a number (which is ok), but also with the letters “cf” included. I cannot figure out how to adjust the compile so that the letters “cf” not will be added. Any advice?

Right now, I do it by postprocessing the compiled text file, removing the “cf” in the footnotes, but I find there must be a way to let Scrivener produce the footnotes as I like to have them.


The naming schemes should be cleared during post-processing. I can’t find a way to remove the cf / fn nomenclature during compile, but your MMD processor should handle them for you. Marked 2, for example, certainly does. (Or just use MMD footnotes while writing?)

Sorry not to be of more help.

Slàinte mhòr.

While the potential post-processing uses still exist today (and are we haven’t changed how this works), the practice of prefixing the numeral with some letters is good to follow in that not every Markdown processor with a footnote extensions may handle numbers alone gracefully. This was the case with MultiMarkdown for many years in fact. If you used ‘[^1]’ then you would get ‘’, which is an invalid identification string.

MultiMarkdown & Pandoc work very similarly, these days, in avoiding this validity problem. They disregard your internal footnote ID entirely and replace it with a prefixed serial number, just like we do. For example, here is MMD:


[code]Test footnote[^1]

[^1]: First test.[/code]



Test footnote1

  1. First test.  ↩


I figured it’s worth mention that no matter what you start out with, with MMD/Pandoc you’re going to end up with an abstracted serialisation just like our output, anyway.

But as for the production of Markdown files themselves, the only way to have full control over the footnote marker is to use the syntax yourself. You can freely mix manually entered syntax with Scrivener’s generated syntax, of course, so if this is a problem with needing a stable ID to refer to now and then, that could be a solution.

Thanks for the answers. At leat I now understand the rationale in having this prefix. I, however, have no option in the workflow I used this time, to let a post processor do the job of removing the prefix or such.

I use the compiled markdown output directly in Wordpress with a stand-alone offspin of Jetpacks markdown processor, which is Markdown Extra. I thought it would just show the „cf“ prefix in the HTML output … but having tested it now after your explanation of how things work, I can see that it does indeed not get through to the HTML output. Nice!

Thanks for taking the time to enlighten me!