How to Remove Indents?

I am trying to remove the indents that appear naturally when I create a new document in my draft folder. (I am working on a Mac, and in Split Screen view).

When I click on the “Green +” icon to create a new document in my draft folder, it has an automatic indent set at 1 inch on the ruler. I would like to remove this indent, but am not sure how.

I tried opening the ruler, and then dragging the horizontal bar on the ruler from 1 inch to 0 inch, but it won’t move.

I then went into Preferences, clicked on formatting, and then set the horizontal tab set bar to zero on the ruler, clicked “Use formatting in Current Editor,” saved and closed.

This did nothing. When I open a new note, it still has the formatting set at 1 inch.

Help! :cry:

Thanks for any suggestions.

You were in the right spot, Formatting preferences pane is where you set up your preferred formatting for new documents. It sounds to me as though you clicked on a counter-productive button, however. That brings the formatting in the current editor into this control. So you removed the first-line indent, and then clicked a button that brought it back in from the document that has first-line indents within it. That button is for when you already have a paragraph that looks perfect in the editor. Then you can easily transfer all of those settings to the formatting pane.