How to remove / uninstall Scrivener completely?

Scrivener obviously does not work correctly anymore, there are some error messages appearing all the time, so I want to re-install it, uninstalling failed. How could I remove all of its remainings (manually)?

And, how / where could I get the “User manual” separately to download it:

I did some changes in it while testing Scrivener.

I’m not a Windows user, so I can’t help with uninstalling Scrivener for Windows.

The user manuals (in English) are available to download from

Alright, but the link is great enough, many thanks.

That manual appears to be another, older version than the one supplied with Scrivener:

Many thanks, again


The download says Scrivener 1.9.6-01 for Windows, July 2016. … win-a4.pdf

Your image above shows version 1.7.2, so I think the download is newer. (Apologies if I have misunderstood in any way.)

No no, no reason for apologies. Sorry for my bad expression. And thank you for the link, yes, that is the pdf file…ah…now I see…I have confused the pdf manual with the “Interactive Tutorial” on the left in the screenshot…it took me years to find out…and the “Interactive Tutorial” is working and can be opened unchanged now.

Sorry again for the confusion and many thanks.


Hope you get the uninstall to work as you need it to.

OK, thank you very much!