How to Rename in Binder?

This is probably staring me in the face, but in Scrivener 3, how do I rename the objects in the Binder (in Draft, and in Research are of particular interest). Previously hit enter key (as OSX Finder works), would get the interface to rename. Now pressing enter (or return) gets a new file/folder. Right mouse click doesn’t show any rename option.

Perhaps I need another cup of coffee this morning, but I’m stumped.

Double click on the item you’d like to rename. – Katherine

Answering my own question, on a whim, I tried “double mouse click”, and that works to bring up the rename box. My “muscle memory” is enter/return key, or right mouse click. I now see the Behaviors tab in Preferences and will work out something that works for me.

Yep, found this out about the time you quickly answered! Thanks!

You’ve probably already figured this out, too, but in that “Behaviors” area of the Preferences, you just need to disable “Creates new item in list…” under the “Return Key” settings. You presumably disabled that setting at some point in Scrivener 2, as well, since the behaviour hasn’t changed and this has always been the default, but because Scrivener 3 uses a different internal identifier, it cannot share Preferences with Scrivener 2 (you can import them, though).

All the best,

Yep. Setting preferences once way back, and then forgetting… That’s what I love about Scrivener. Can focus on the writing. I completely forgot about that setting.