How to reorder in outliner?

Is it possible to reorder documents in the outliner? It works fine to reorder documents in the corkboard view, but in the outliner view, it only seems possible to drop a document on another, which just causes the document to become a subdocument.

I’m using Scrivener 3.1.5 for macOS.

If you drag a document in the Outliner, you’ll either see a line between existing documents – which will drop at that location – or an existing document will be highlighted, which will make the dragged document into a subdocument.

You can also use the Edit -> Move menu to indent/outdent a file that was sub-document-ed erroneously, or the Documents -> Move To command to move to a specific location.


Hi Katherine,

Thanks for the advice, but it did not seem to fix my issue. The controls you explain seem to work in the Binder, but not in the Outliner. In the Outliner, the Edit -> Move menu items are always disabled.

I closed the program, and reopened it, and now the Edit -> Move commands seem to work properly! Problem solved!

I think that may be because you’d accidentally sorted the outline by one of the headings, which of course temporarily shows them in a ‘non-binder’ order – so the Edit > Move commands are naturally not applicable. If you return the outline to its normal binder order (keep clicking on the header till the black arrow goes away), then they should reappear.