how to replace ellipses in compile output?

So I need to represent ellipses in the output. However when you export to text format ellipses in Scrivener become, of all things, an underscore. That’s not very helpful.

How can I use Transformations to find ellipses and replace them with … ?

Note: I do not want to effect triple periods at all. My output must contain both triple periods and ellipses, they need to be distinct and remain so. (they are in the Scrivener document)

I can’t say how or why you’re getting underscores, but to replace an elipsis with … during compile, use the Replacements section of compile.

Yes, but what can I put there? If I put three dots, it replaces three dots and not the ellipses in the document. How does one enter an ellipses in the “Replace” field?



Mr X

shift-opt-colon inserts an accented capital U == Ú

However that led me down the right road, as opt-colon inserts an ellipses. Thanks!

Doh! Stupid me! I’m always putting in ellipses and em-dashes (shift-opt-hyphen) and both confused the two and didn’t try it out!

Glad you’ve found it.

Mr X