How To Report an Issue relating to Performance

There has been some reports of performance issues with Scrivener. In order to fix these issues it is crucial to provide us with some pithy data, especially since we have not been able to reproduce many of the issues reported.

Stating that there’s a lag if I type really fast, or it takes 30 seconds to do a search etc. is pointless.

We are going to invest in some profiling tools to give us better insight to potential optimizations we can make to ensure that Scrivener remains as snappy as possible.

All comments to this post structured in the following way will be given credence:

  1. State exactly what you were doing when the performance issue occurred.
  2. Approximately how many documents, folders, and words does you entire project contain. If you’re working in a single editor at the time, please provide a word count for the specific editor document as well.
  3. When did you last re-boot Scrivener i.e. full close and open. This could be important information if a trend occurs here.
  4. What sort of machine are you running Scrivener on i.e. Operating System, type and speed of processor and RAM size.
  5. OPTIONAL: Anything else that might give us clues i.e. for the technically minded Windows Task Manager Performance specs/spikes when performing specific tasks in Scrivener. Also, any details regarding any auto-correction, substitution features you may have enabled or analysis of those features turned on and then off and the resultant performance change if any.

Including these types of comments will really help us find out what is causing performance issues for some Scrivener users.

Apologies to those folks who may have posted similar content elsewhere. If that’s the case simply link to the initial post from within this one.

Thanks guys and girls.


OK Here is my take.

I think that there is a memory leak when selecting (clicking) the root folder and then clicking a sub-folder.

If I do this - click the root / click the sub-folder / click the root / click the sub-folder then my memory usage goes up by about 160K every time. I did this 25 times and graphed my scrivener memory usage. (This isn’t rapid clicking just once every 5 seconds or so or even longer.)

The graph is as follows:

But if I click a folder and then click another folder then the usage goes up but also comes down and doesn’t seem to be a problem.

Lee to follow your instructions:

  1. described as above using the Windows Task Manager to show Mem Usage for Scrivener (no memory checking tool used unfortunately)

  2. Just a single document, multiple folders and contains only 80 words. With bigger documents the Mem Usage jump is greater

  3. I did this straight after opening Scrivener

  4. Windows XP 2.83GHz 3GB Ram

OTHER: If I leave Scrivener open and don’t work there is no increase. If I work normally and make sure I click the root folder regularly then within 5 minutes my Mem Usage has increase by 10,000 K

Disclaimer: I don’y have a tool to check memory, and am not sure how reliable the Windows Task Manager is.