How to resize character cards

Hello everyone,

I am still new to Scrivener, in fact still using the demo version.
I would buy the software only for the character board. I came across this article ( … scrivener/) and think the character cards he created are a great idea. However, when I insert these cards (in this format) I have black stripes above and below the character cards. Can someone tell me how to resize them? I only found the icon in the lower right corner but you can just make the cards longer or bigger but not wider.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

When you have the editor set to “cork board” mode, there’s a tiny icon in the lower right footer of that editor that looks like 4 index cards. Click on that to bring up options to resize and change the shape of the index cards.

Yes, I have discovered that, but as I said it only makes the cards LONGER and not WIDER. The black background also does not disappear whereas in the link that I posted the guy has set the cards’ sizes exactly to that of his image.

Have you adjusted the “ratio” in that pop-up? You can make the cards wider than they are tall, square, or taller than they are wide. Try moving the ratio slider to the left to make them vertically shorter, right to make them vertically taller.

You can also go to the Preferences widow, in the Appearance section and change the Customizable Colors for Index Cards->Image Background to match the background of your cards, if they don’t conform exactly to the ratios available in the cork board options.