How to RETAIN extra white spaces when compiling?

I compiled a novel a couple of times and wanted the white spaces I’d created - they’re a little unorthodox for sure - to remain as is. Compiling into a pdf removed all of it.

Does anyone have an idea of what else I might try to keep them?

Thanks in advance.

What exactly did you do? Blank pages? Extra padding between paragraphs? Something else?

And did the Compile command just revert it to standard formatting, or something else?


Hi, That’s a good question.

There are some extra padding between some paragraphs, but not all. And at the end of a chapter, rather than making a new page because some new chapters are only a couple of sentences, I used extra padding to keep it on the same page.

I also tried the other way, by giving each chapter its own page in the folder.

I hit “Compile” to compile each version. I’m guessing now that there’s something else to do?

You’ll need to use different Section Layouts depending on whether you want a page break before a particular section or not. See Section 23.3 in the manual.