How to retrieve a deleted paragraph

I recently deleted a paragraph or two that I wish I could get back. Is there any way to look at previous versions of my file?

By default whenever you close out your project a backup is created. If the paragraphs were written on sessions prior to this, then you likely do have a backup with them. The easiest way to find your backups is to load the “Backup” preference pane, and then click on the button at the bottom to reveal the backup folder in Finder. I’d recommend copying the zip files out for that project (Opt-drag to the desktop is fine), and double-click to extract them from the zip files, then poke through the various project versions. If you find one with the paragraphs, just copy and paste them into your current project and clean up the mess on the Desktop.

Also, if the deletion occurred in this session, or if you just leave Scrivener open all of the time and rarely close it, they might still be in the undo stack. Undo is saved for each section individually. If that is the way you work, you may want to revise your backup settings in the aforementioned preference pane, so that happens more often.