How to return to normal binder view after a search?

I’m using Beta.

I just did a project search for a term, and the binder view now only shows the search result (which was zero), but now I can’t find a way to return to the normal binder view. I looked in View and tried reloading my custom layout, but nothing worked. What am I missing? :cry:


This post should really be in the beta forum.

In 1.9, you return to the normal binder view by ending the search, either by pressing the ‘x’ in the search field, or by removing all characters in the search field.

Another thing to try is to View Collections, and then choose Binder from the list of collections…

Again, that’s how to do it in 1.9. The beta should have something similar.


Thanks, Unfortunately none of that works. I guess I’ll post about this in the bug forum.

Never mind, I just figured it out. Turned out there’s another X I couldn’t see due to the custom colors of my layout.