How to safe diff. Versions in one file



wie kann ich mehr als eine Version meines Plots in nur einem file für mein Buch speichern?
Plot 1, Plot 2, Plot 3, … in CHAPTERS?

DANKE für einen Tipp!!


I have a question about “versions”:

I want to write the plot of my novel. I have more than one version of it, some of my friends want to read them all. After this, I want to use only one Version of my plot.

So - how to work with more than one Version of my Plot? How should I save them in my Scrivener? I don’t want to use more than one file for my novel.

All plots with different names (Plot I, Plot II, Plot III etc…) in CHAPTER?
Same with ideas?

Thanks for your help!!!


This post that I just wrote touches on some of the same issues, it may be of help. Let me know anything in there doesn’t make sense.