How to save and load Scrivener project in Box account?


To my great dismay, I’ve just found out that if I save a Scrivener project to my Box sync folder, it never appears in my account!

I’d be most grateful for hints on how to persuade Box to accept Scrivener projects.

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Same here. So disappointing. does not upload from my Box folder to I then tried dragging the file into my logged in account within my browser. What happened was it then appeared as a series of files (main doc plus a few folders) instead of the single scrivener file on my harddrive. See the attachment. A basic glitch there. PLEASE resolve! :neutral_face:
Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 2.03.28 PM.png

The issue is with Box - they don’t support Packages on the Mac (which is what the .scriv file is - just right click and Show Package Content). I ran into the same issue with other applications that store their content into a Package such as OmniGraffle. I stopped using Box because of that and switched to SugarSync (Cubby, Dropbox, and I believe SkyDrive also support packages properly).


I can confirm that Cubby and Dropbox both sync package files (they appear as folders on non-OS X systems).

  1. Sign in to Box and create a Box Documents folder on your drive.
  2. It should appear in your Finder Sidebar.
  3. Use the File:Backup command (not Save) and check the box that says
  4. Backup as a ZIP file.
  5. Direct the backup to go into the Box Documents folder.

Two key points:
always backup a Scriv project as a ZIP file (fast and safe)
you don’t need to use the long, date/time-stamped names
use the shorter regular name if you prefer.
Just over-write the old backup file.

I have no problems with Box when backing up as a ZIP file.

Thank you for the good advice! Never thought of that.

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