How to Save as a New Version

Hello, how do I save my first draft as a second draft? That is, I want to keep the old version, and create a new one from the first version, so that I can make changes to the new (2nd) version without losing the first version? Hope that’s clear! :slight_smile: And, thank you :slight_smile:

You could use the File/Save As… menu command to create a whole new copy of the project (I recommend using a name that clearly represents the new one in case the old one opens on accident in the future). Another method that works even better in my opinion is to simply select the Draft folder in the binder and use the Documents/Duplicate/with Subdocuments and Unique Title menu command (or just press Cmd-D in the binder). Set aside this copy as your first draft, and get to work on the main Draft folder for the second draft.

Finally there is a method that doesn’t involve duplicating everything is to only preserve those portions of the draft that you’ve changed. Before starting a rewrite session, use the Snapshot feature to preserve the text of that section. Working this way will result in a single copy of the draft, always up to date, with older revisions in the draft embedded within each section, available as needed in the Inspector sidebar. This method is the most efficient and clean (no multiple copies of scenes for each revision cluttering search results and so forth), but does have the drawback of not being able to print earlier drafts in their entirety. You’d want to duplicate the entire draft folder for that. This older discussion may be of some help: Snapshots and / or Draft Versions. Snapshots are a good feature to be familiar with in general, too. :slight_smile:

Thank you Amber! That was most helpful!! :slight_smile:

I will try this tomorrow. Kind blessings :slight_smile: