How to save as PDF?

When I find an article on the Web I want to save as a PDF, I click Cmd+P, which allows me to do so. But when I click to save as a PDF, there appear options in a Menu such as "save to Curio as PDF ", or “Save to DevonThink as PDF”, etc. Is there a way to add “Save to Scrivener as PDF” to the list of options as well?

There are two answers to your question. The first is that it is possible to set up your own PDF exporter. All you really have to do is drop an alias of the application you want into the Library/PDF Services folder. The second answer is that this doesn’t work with all applications, naturally, as not all know what to do with the PDF. Alas, Scrivener doesn’t know what to do with it, and tries to open it as a Scrivener Project, which of course fails.

Thanks Amber, I forget which menu at the top I went to, but I went there and found the ‘Services’ and added Scrivener and now it appears in the list when I’m on the Net and click on Cmd+P.

This won’t work for Scrivener, as it will just try to make Scrivener open the PDF file as a project, which Scrivener cannot do. I believe Scrivener would need to be properly Apple-Scriptable to get something like this working, which it isn’t as yet.
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