How to save compiled drafts?


I have done this before (and refreshed my memory by watching the video tutorials) but somehow I no longer seem to be able to locate/have the option of saving the drafts I compile, leaving me to compile the same draft anew each time I need to print it out.

Certainly there’s a way to save the ready-to-go versions? Thanks.

You might have used PDF in the past. That is the closest thing to a “saved print” on the Mac. It’s still a file you have to open and print, but there is no avoiding that. You can just pop the compiled PDF into your Binder and whenever you need a copy, print from there with Cmd-P. Just remember to update it when you do need to do a content revision.

Thanks for your speedy reply, Amber.

But I’m still a bit confused. How exactly do I pop it into my binder? In the dropdown menu of the print window I selected “save PDF to Scrivener” and some saving seemed to happen but I cannot locate where exactly the file was saved, nor was I given a chance to name it, so I don’t know what I would search for.

Any tips much appreciated, thanks.


When you compile, choose “Compile for: Print”. Then click the compile button. When the print window pops up, in the bottom left corner, there’s a “pdf” button (as with most if not all Mac apps when you go to print). Click on that, and just “save as PDF”. I don’t know that Scrivener can eat it’s own tail by taking it’s own compiled output as it produces it, so save the file somewhere else first, then drag the resulting pdf from the finder into your binder.

Yes, Scrivener should be able to capture its own PDF when using this method. PDFs that are captured this way through the print system will always be imported in the Research folder of the top-most project you have open, so if you have that folder collapsed it may seem as though nothing happened.

If nothing truly is happening, then verify the shortcut works at all from another program, like this thread from Safari (or whatever browser you use). If it doesn’t work then it may need to be recreated. I can help you do that.


There it is in my research folder. Hooray!

Thank you Robert, thank you Amber. Always so helpful.