how to save

Wiping imac clean bc it’s a mess. I have Time Machine B/U, desktop B/U and Carbonite off site B/U.

Have 8 chapts of a book in Scrivener. We are backing up to time machine, but apple tech is saying we will have to reload load all software apps. I don’t know how to save the data from the book so that it will reload into the reload of the downloaded Scrivener I purchased online (not from Apple) Not sure that makes sense, sorry, I’m 70 and not very computer literate. iMac has been a mess for 4 yrs., and destroyed my first edition of 26 chapts of the same book I’m still redoing–PTSD about losing it again. Or is there some other way, e.g., download Scrivener and the chapters to a disc? Appreciate any help, I’m so frustrated.

The easiest thing to do would be to use the File menu command to “Find All Projects in Spotlight”, then close all projects or just quit Scrivener to be safe. This just runs a Spotlight search for you in a new window, but go through that list and make sure you see everything you should. You can then select that whole list with Edit/Select All, then drag and drop them to the external hard drive. It would probably be a good idea to make a folder on the external drive before you do that, if there are a lot of them. That may take a while, but when it is done, try opening a random scattering of projects just to double-check they all made the transition okay.

Now put that drive (preferably something other than your Time Machine drive) in a safe place. If the Time Machine restore doesn’t work, or you can’t get your projects off of it, you’ll have that to fall back to.

Thanks so much.