How to scroll with my fingers in editor. OK in Scriv 1 but how to in Scriv 3

How do I use my fingers to scroll in Scrivener 3 for windows. Do I change a setting or a preference of some sort. I can only use the scroll bar and mouse. Finger scrolling worked fine in Scrivener 1. Won’t scroll in Scrivener 3.

Maybe you need to activate View▸Text Editing▸Typewriter Scrolling.

Scrivener is not designed for touch screens.

I did get some touch fucntionality on a Surface Laptop 3 and Win 10 but it was hardly great.

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I didn’t notice a clue that @bob1 was talking about a touch screen.

Finger scrolling doesn’t work if you’re viewing multiple files at once, but you can scroll with two fingers while viewing a single scrivening.

Could be using the built in trackpad I guess, but I never had issues with that, only touch.

Thank you to all. The two finger scrolling works
great. Sorry about not mentioning the touchscreen.

I’m using a Surface Pro and find that with two fingers on the touchscreen, I can scroll single files (not scrivenings), but that in addition to scrolling, several lines of text get selected when I start the scroll movement. This is not necessarily a problem. But selected text is always subject to deletion and other edits, and the selection of text is not the intent of the action, and then needs to be deselected after the intended scrolling is done. So screen scrolling takes on a clumsy quality. Also, I don’t find that the extent or the rate of scrolling by screen differs from doing the same scroll with the touchpad, which is usually just inches from my fingers anyway. So I don’t do much screen scrolling of the text windows. And wouldn’t consider touch scrolling over the binder. Mostly I use the touchscreen in Scriv for dialog boxes and clicking buttons.

The additional text selection can be an issue in any platform with mouse, touchpad or touchscreen.

I’m not sure why, perhaps in the case of touchscreen or Touchpad, the brushing of a finger while not intending a selection, and yes there is the danger of accidental deletion.

I’ve seen it for quite a few years, but become more of an issue in recent times with systems so fast that a minor select such as this happens almost instantly and because we are used to that speed and work faster, the accidental delete can be in an instant and potentially missed until too late.

As mentioned above, Scrivener V3 Win is not designed for touch and my experience with it on A surface Laaptop was erratic to say the least.