How to search all projects

Hi peeps. In September I saved a project on iCloud for scrinever. I have used the find function on the Mac as well as looked in my files as well as searched each individual project I could find in scrinever for key terms. I have also checked my clod and nothing. In my scrinever folder, my writing history even has a specific date, but when I look on my Mac, there’s nothing that corresponds to my writing history. As mentioned, I know about the finding option in scrinever on each individual project, just wondering if there’s any way I can access the files from my writing history, or if there’s a way I can search for specific terms across all scinever files? Thanks.

I am not quite clear what you are trying to do. Locate a whole scriv project you can’t find? The talk about looking at you Writing History suggest you have the project open already. So, are you trying to find something inside a project? Or something inside a project but your not sure which project it is in?

In short it is hard to tell what you have misplaced.

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In your Mac’s Finder you can easily locate every Scrivener project on your Mac. Just open a finder window, hit cmd-F and search for files with the extension .scriv.

The Mac’s search function does look into the contents of files and projects. Use the Find function from a Finder window (not the one from the utility menu bar) for better resolution.

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I am trying to find a key phrase within a project (this is so I can find the right version as a couple of variations exist) so I guess something inside a project. I’ve not had luck in searching for it in files, in the finder, etc.

If you know what project has it, then opening the project in Scrivener and using Project Search should do the trick – that is the search facility you find at the top of the Binder area. Be aware that what project search turns up depends on your search settings. You might want to check those, if you are not getting the results you expect. Click on the magnifying glass at the top of the Binder to open the project search field. If you now click on the little magnifying glass icon to the left of the field, you will see the search options that are selected. Make sure these are suitable for the search you are doing.

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