How to search both label and status?

I’d like to know how to perform a ‘Search In’ for both Label and Status.

I have documents in the Binder with titles such as Critical, Moderate, Low; they are labelled ‘Chapter.’ Now, I also have documents in the Binder without any label, but with a Status of ‘To Do’

I want to conduct a Search In (you know, the magnifying glass field at the top corner) that combines Label == ‘Chapter’ and Status == ‘To Do,’ so that I end up with a document structure such as:


  • document with status To Do
  • another document with status To Do
  • document with status To Do

If there’s a way to do this as a dynamic collection that would be great too; I just don’t want to have to keep adding/removing documents from a collection as I change Status.

Hope this makes sense.



In the search menu, hold the Option key down when clicking on the Search In data type to add it to the types rather than switching only to that type. You can then create a collection from the search.

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Ah … got it!


Ok, but that doesn’t answer the question (because I have the same one): How can I search for “Label” and “status”, but with individual search terms.

I need something like
Label=“todo” and (keyword=“john” or keyword=“martha”)


This needs to be done in two steps currently. Essentially you want to run the search for one of the terms first, e.g. the “To Do” label, then select all the results and choose View > Reveal in Binder (Opt-Cmd-R), then run the second search just on the binder selection. Search collections can’t be saved for “binder selection” criteria, but you can create a standard collection with the results by selecting them and then choosing Documents > Add to Collection > New Collection.