How to see more Recent Projects?


how to increase the number of recent projects in “File/Recent Projects”? So far I haven’t found the option to do so - if it exists in the windows version.

Thank you and best regards,
Michael Schlüter (MS-SPO)

There’s not currently an option for this, although it may be something we’re able to add in the future. (The Mac version doesn’t have this option either, incidentally, as it is handled entirely by the OS over there, so it’s a system preference.)

That would be very nice.
5 recent projects is not enough for me, unfortunately, as I like to add to various files/projects “simultaneously”. Some approximation of “infinity” would be very helpful for me :wink:

Best regards,
Michael Schlüter

If you want infinite, you might be better off creating a folder to collect all your Scrivener projects and making that easily accessible from the task bar or the Desktop, or using a saved search to gather them quickly if you prefer to store them separately.

Yes, may be …

However, most programs have and give access to a long history list in Windows7, while some, like Scrivener, dont have or do (I don’t know if that’s an OS-specific issue). An adjustment would be nice.

Ok, the jump list is potentially separate from the recent projects list from the menu, but either way that’s on the list too. In any case, I just suggested the folder as an option for you to work with this now, since at the moment this isn’t available in Scrivener.


Seems to be a good idea. Thank you

Here’s another vote for enlarging the list of Recent Projects in the Win version. Please. Need it badly.

Much obliged; thank you

And here yet another vote (but for the Mac version).

This is handled by the OS system settings on the Mac, so you can control it by setting the number of recent items in the General pane of system preferences.

How stupid of me! Thanks, Jennifer!