How to see only documents with a particular label in Binder

I’ve labelled a bunch of documents (my energy bills; it’s that time of year when you suddenly get an energy bill of several hundred smackers and decide to change providers) orange so I can keep them together and copy them into one single bigger document.
But in this huge project, I can’t see how to sort them so that only documents labelled orange (the colour I’ve chosen) or labelled Utilities (the name I’ve chosen) show up in the Binder.
Can I do that, and if so, how, please?

You would use Project Search for this. Click the magnifying glass button in the main toolbar (or use the shortcut assigned to Edit ▸ Find ▸ Search in Project, and type in the name of the label you want to filter by. To increase accuracy, you will probably also want to click on the magnifying glass button to the left of where you type in the search term and set the scope in the top part of that menu to “Label” (or whatever you refer to labels as in this project).

And if you want to get fancy, you could type in for your search “Utilities cdate:2017”. That addendum on the end stands for “creation date: 2017”, meaning you will only get a list of items marked with the Utilities label, created within the year of 2017.

Thanks, Amberv! Works like a dream!