How to see recent files from Start Menu or Taskbar

Hi -

I was going to post this as a “new feature” request but when I searched that forum I saw someone had already posted it, and there was a reply that the feature is already there. But it’s not working on my computer, so I’m wondering if it’s there and I need to do something to get it working.

In many Windows applications, if you put a shortcut to the app in the Start menu or on the Task bar, there’s a fly-out (or fly-up) menu of recently used files / projects. You can then click on one and it opens the application with that file. Those menus don’t appear for me; does anyone know if they should, or if not, if this feature is planned?

Thanks in advance for any help!

AFAIK this is not automatic on the Windows version of Scrivener, but this workaround may be of use:

Hope this helps!

R6D2 - thanks for the reply. I discovered an even better workaround if you have multiple projects that allows you to have a flyout menu of all your projects. I posted the workaround on the link you sent.