How to see splits in corkboard

I am a new user. I imported my manuscript into scrivener and split it at each new chapter. I can see the ms. in the editor but when I click on cork board, it is empty. How do I get each chapter to display on an index card in the cork board?

In the binder you select the level you want to display in the corkboard.

Have you done the interactive tutorial, found in the help menu? If not, do it! It explains all the basics.

Welcome to the forums, Mgeaney

You won’t see the full chapter displayed on the corkboard index cards (see scrolling note below). You will either see the synopsis you’ve entered for that chapter, or merely the first few lines of the actual text from your chapter. In Windows (likely true for Mac, also), you can double click on the index card, and then scroll down through the chapter contents…although I would find that a troublesome way to view the text. Better to just click on the particular chapter, and have it display fully in the editor window.

And, at the single document level (like a chapter, or scene), you won’t see an index card at all. It’s at the folder level, where there are text documents within the folder, where you will see the individual index cards for each chapter.

Thus, if I have 10 individual chapters, within one folder that I’ll call “My Manuscript”, I’ll only see the index cards when I’ve selected “My Manuscript” in the binder to the left. However, in this example, in Chapter 4, I have three sub-chapters. If I select Chapter 4, and then select the corkboard, I’ll see the individual index cards for those three sub-chapters, but not an index card for Chapter 4 itself.

Hope that helps. Do the interactive tutorial, but come back for any additional help.

NOTE: I’m using the Windows beta version for most of my work. So, the notes above are taken from that experience. Your mileage may vary.