How to see the text of a Folder/Group?

Hello All,

I occasionally have text ‘inside’ a Folder. In other words, over on the Mac, I might convert a ordinary text document into a folder, and then place 2/3/4 sub-text documents underneath/within it.

The text inside the Folder file, serves then as a sort of introductory passage, to what follows in the sub-documents.
On the Mac, when I have only the group selected in the Binder, the Editor shows me the text of that group.

I cannot get this to work on iOS.

When I tap on the group on the iPad, I am presented with the Binder view changing to show me the sub-documents, but no text is reflected in the Editor, until I select one of the sub-documents – which then shows me the text from that sub-document.

Is there anyway to also ‘see’ the text that is associated with the Folder on iOS?

When the folder is not expanded, you can access the index cards by tapping the four-index-cards-button (1). Then you have the index cards in the editor. On top of the editor, you find the name of the current folder. Next to the name, there is a page button (2). Tap that and you have the text.

I wouldn’t have worked that out in the million years (of course, it’s no doubt explained in the manual!) :blush:

Appreciate you taking the time to explain that - many thanks!

You’re welcome.