How to Select All Scenes in Binder

Hey Everyone,

Excited to begin using Scrivener 3, but right away, hit a bit of a snag. All my color-coded folders in the binder had become monochromatic. I selected all files and managed to change everything to a chapter color but i can’t find a way to select all the scenes and change their color.

Can anyone help me? Appreciate it very much,

Are they color-coded based on Label?

I’d click on a lowest-level (farthest right) scene in the Binder, ctrl-A to select all scenes, right-click on anything, choose Label, and set the same label for everything (or do whatever you do for color-coding). Then go a step higher in the hierarchy and View->Collapse to current level. With any luck and proper organization, ctrl-A again selects chapters. Change their label or color. If necessary, go a level higher, collapse again, and relabel.

However, in my WIP, scenes have section type = scene and chapters have section type = chapter. Hence I can search on section type to select all scenes or all chapters.

If the issue is just that the label colour is not currently displaying in the binder, selecting all the documents isn’t necessary. Go to View > Use Label Color In > Binder to enable the feature, and optionally also click Show As Background Color In Binder from the same submenu to have the colour appear as a bar, similar to Scrivener 1, rather than just a coloured dot.

If you do need to select multiple items in the binder, there are various ways to do this; the Edit > Select > submenu contains some new options like Select Subgroups that may be helpful to you beyond Ctrl+A to Select All or Shift+ or Ctrl+clicking to create your selection. You may also want to use the outliner to sort items and make a selection there, or use the project search as suggested in the previous post.

Thanks, both of you, for the suggestions. Will definitely follow up on them.