How to Select folder plus contents during compile.

hi All,

thanks for the great software!

I have a book in progress with multiple volumes, and i want to compile one volume at a time. A volume is a top level directory. I can Shift-select on my Mac, but that’s lame. i want to just click the single directory, and include this and its contents in the compile.

What is the shortcut for that?


I know it’s not the shortcut you’re looking for but another way—start Compile, then select/deselect (check marks) the items you want to compile/omit. See section 23 of the manual:


Simpler than that. Select the folder you want from the dropdown menu up at the top of the contents list in the Compile pane. That will limit the contents list to just the contents of that folder.

Two new options will appear at the top of the contents list.

“Treat compile group as complete manuscript” will start section numbers and other counters at one, regardless of their place in the overall manuscript.

“Include text of containing group” will include the folder text (if any) as well as the documents in contains.

See Section 23.4.1 of the Scrivener 3 manual for more information.