How to select multiple titles (in order to change the case)?


I’m looking for a way to manipulate case across multiple document and folder titles. I know I can select the title of a single document or folder and manipulate it e.g. using the case options under Edit > Transformations, but I’m not seeing a way to select multiple document/folder titles at once in either of the views. Did I miss something?

For what it’s worth, I think those tranformations should also offer Upper case first letter only and - ideally - also true Sentence case as well as Title Case (or Headline Style, which seems to be an English specialty).

You can change all that in the compile settings, so you don’t need to do it while writing. If you look at the compile settings there is a Title options tab, described in the manual section 24.2.4.

Thanks for the reply.

I was aware of that option in the compile settings, but unfortunately it is not a solution to my issue, since I’m looking to revert all titles to regular English casing - the compile options allow only to set everything to upper case, lower case, and small caps, as well as ‘Normal’ which means leave as is without any normalization.

The background is that a long time ago, I had tried half-heartedly to implement Headline Style manually for titles, but given the number of captions which are outside of document and folder titles (and the inconsistency of the same), I’m trying to move back to regular casing in English to keep my sanity, without doing it all manually.

  1. Select the relevant files / folders in the binder, loading then in scrivenings view in the editor. You can select noncontiguous binder items by holding down the command key.

  2. In the editor, select the titles by holding down the command key and double-clicking each title (yes, this is fiddly, but it means you can select noncontiguous titles without selecting any body text).

  3. Apply the transformation you want.

For additional transformation options (and a host of other services that can be used throughout the Mac’s interface), you can use the free app “WordService” by DEVONtechnologies. … 2312?mt=12

Thanks! This is a potential solution, however it seems that titles can only be selected in the scrivenings mode when the option ‘Show titles in Scrivenings’ is activated.

I set up shortcuts for both the WordService action as well as to select a paragraph to speed up the process.

For what it’s worth - I think there should be an option to select and edit the titles of selected items in the Binder, Outliner and Corkboard mode.