How to send email. iOS only

Hi. I would like to learn how to send email from Scrivener. I don’t have a laptop or a desktop, and happily use the app on my iPad Mini 2 (v 12.5.3) and my iPhone 7 (14.4.2).

I would like to use Hotmail and send the files as attachments in Word.

I have two questions:

1). I have tried to send emails already and the recipient receives an attachment with hundreds of pages, with one or two words per page. What am I doing wrong?

  1. I would like to send emails to myself as an extra back-up of my work. Do I have to send each file as an individual email, or is there a way to send a few at a time?

I have difficulties with tech and with terminology, so please assume a level of ‘no knowledge’ for any replies.

Many thanks

A Scrivener project is a complex object, with folders and potentially hundreds of component files. You generally don’t want to email an entire project – unless the recipient also has Scrivener – you want to use the Compile command to create a single file that they can review. See the iOS Tutorial project for more information about the Compile command.

If you do want to email a complete project, tap the Edit icon on the main project screen, then select the project. Tap the Export icon down at the bottom. That will allow you to email a ZIP archive to yourself (or anyone else). More information about backing up iOS Scrivener projects can be found here: Guide to Keeping iOS Projects Backed Up / iOS / Knowledge Base - Literature and Latte Support

Thank you. Following your reply, I have now tried to compile, but am having trouble. I tested it on the tutorial section and found I got some success with that, but when I repeated the same steps on my own project, I did not achieve any success. I have taken screenshots, first of the tutorial attempt, then the attempt on my own project. I would appreciate your help please. Thank you.

My aim is to compile the files contained within the folder called “For Future Facebooks”

Where’s the Draft folder in your project? And what’s in it? The Compile command only “sees” documents in the Draft folder.