how to separate and then batch move a bunch of scenes?

alrighty ! i have a completed rough draft of my new script… waaay too long / too many scenes… im thinkn of going thru the list of scenes on the left side, and determining which ones are keepers and which ones i can lose… once i do that, id like to move all the non-essential ones to some other folder — my approach is to change the label color of each non-essential scene, and then somehow batch move them to separate them out from the ones that’ll remain as keepers… anyone have an efficient way to approach this? this is my first writing with Scrivener so im sure there’s lots of tricks - thx very much, TM

A quick way would be to just run a project search for the “don’t want this” label, select all in the search results and then right-click and use the “Move To” menu item (also available from the Documents menu).

Of course you could just skip the labeling and move them as you go through the original set; you could always label them after the fact. But that’s more a matter of how you work–it might be easier to leave them in the original context on your first pass, and just mark them as potentials to delete, then take another glance through to confirm the decision before you do the actual move.

Might want to backup the project first (a manual backup), so you have a saved copy of your original binder before moving scenes around, just in case you want to reference it later.

Brilliant !! Thank u mucho !!

Another way of doing this would be an exclusion filter on the label. If you label something as “Excluded” you can then open up the compiler Contents pane, enable filtering at the bottom, and tell it to exclude everything marked with that label. In combination with icon tinting, this would give you a heads up in the Binder as to whether or not something is included.

Additionally, you could create a saved collection that looks for this label, so you’d have a nice tidy list of things you’ve chosen to exclude which will be updated as you label more items.

You could also filter off of a manually created Collection in the same way as with a Label, but this would leave you with no feedback in the Binder as to whether or not something was included.

Finally, the “Include in Compile” checkbox is meant for this type of task—and since you can add that as a column in the outliner, it’s easy to see if something isn’t included in the Draft, too. This method is fully automatic—no need to set up filters.