HOw to Set First Line Indent for Imported Word Doc

I am just beginning to work with Scrivener and like it very much. I have searched for the answer to this question, but can only find how to do this for the Mac version and I am running Windows…hope someone can help.

I imported a Word doc. My first lines have no indent in the Word doc. I want to apply a first line indent to my document in Scrivener. Can’t figure out how to make this happen…

The simple way to do this is to show the ruler in the editor (Format > Ruler), then select all the text and drag the first-line indent marker on the ruler to wherever you want it. (First-line is the down-pointing arrow.) That will adjust the indent just for that document–just for the selected paragraphs, specifically, but like in most word processors, new paragraphs you type will pick up the formatting of the preceding paragraph, so if you continue working in the document, your new typing will also use the first-line indent.

A better option, if you want to reformat the document to match your Scrivener defaults, is to use Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style. You’ll have some control over what converts–for instance, you can preserve alignment or line-spacing. Character formatting like bold and italic will be preserved. This will be the best way to get all your imported or pasted text to match your usual Scrivener look, and you can select multiple documents in the binder and run the command to convert them all at once.

The default formatting is set in the Editor tab of Tools > Options… so make sure you have that set how you like it before converting everything. You can use the format bar and ruler there to format the sample text to your liking. The blue A button will open the font dialog.

Thank you MM…